My personal and professional successes and pitfalls related to any digital activities that may, in my humble opinion, be relevant to the world out there.

(in other words, nerdy blog posts that may help your are here)

Managing change through managing expectations

Recently I posted an article on Medium regarding my experience switching from the corporate environment to the startup environment. My thoughts are organized for Medium's target audience focused on a general understanding rather than a technical deep dive to change...

Digital Marketing: Starting from Scratch

Following an article I have published at focusing on aiding companies to become digitally mature enterprises and exploiting this digital market gap that currently exist. Following an excerpt and link on where to find the full content: Managing digital...

Winning digital marketing and sales digitalization

This is an article I published at focusing on some of the key wining strategies related to digital marketing and digitalizing your sales. Following an excerpt and link on where to find the full content: Pulling of digital sales requires not only...

Let’s Work Together

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