Delicious Albania is one of my favorite fun projects where in addition to creating my own content, I did a little digital marketing. It started back in 2015 as a simple personal blog when I was trying to learn how to properly cook for my self (and a subtle note of “trying to be a little healthier”). Whilst visitors started flowing in, mainly because of the content that I was serving. At the time, for my target audience, was one of the first blog type recipe websites, thus the interest.

Some would say that it is okay for 100-200 Page Views per day, but how did it get to the current numbers? (quite remarkable numbers if I may add – contact me for a sneak peak). Quite simply through the years I focused on the following cornerstones:

  1. Recipes are kept simple and with local ingredients making the website relatable for the target audience;
  2. Ran different integrated campaigns utilizing email marketing to collect a database of contacts;
  3. Set up Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to help promote;
  4. Optimized the page to be SEO ready.

The results have been impressive so far – The facebook and instagram pages numbers increase on a daily basis, subscribers are happy and the site is ranked for a couple of keywords;