If you are here, it means that something clicked; I like that!

Also I am a believer in innovation and laziness that proceeds it, sensible solutions and a big fan of down to earth expectations.

I am an AUBG alumnus, currently based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Formally I hold a Bachelor in Computer Science and Business Administration. Informally I’m as comfortable dealing with a Linux server as I am identifying your ROI.

My main area of focus in Digitalization of enterprises throughout the utilization of some of the most popular proven methodology, a big4 experience (Deloitte – Management Consulting) and a track record of innovative digitalization.

Additionally, I do love the impact of Business Process Reengineering in today’s organization – a service which amalgamated with the digital world handles technological and web-related disruptions quite interestingly.

Too much tech gibberish?

If you want to have a chat or have a question, are in need of a consult on whether you need my services or anybody’s services for that matter feel free to drop a line. You can use the built-in contact form below or just write to me on any social networks that you desire.

Here are my Facebook and LinkedIn for your convenience.

Let’s Work Together

If you need a formal proposal, have a concept in mind, even if you just need a honest opinion, reach me anywhere. I usually reply back within 24 hours.